Vedic Meditation is so easy that anyone can learn.

Learn to Meditate in 2016

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   Vedic Meditation Course September 22nd- 25th, 2016

San Francisco CA

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We offer 3 types of learning;

Our 4 Session Vedic Meditation Course

This is the GOLD STANDARD OF MEDITATION & most profound course offered.  Are you tired of listening to Apps that only give temporary relief?  Sitting at Yoga teacher’s feet on retreats to come home to your old stressed out, moody self?  This is the solution to your meditation struggles. You will receive in person instruction, on 4 separate occasions, leading you all the way and answering your toughest questions.  No religious belief, yoga positions or previous experience required to learn. This is The Gold Standard in meditation. You deserve to have the best instructor & course to eliminate your stress in an easy and highly effective manner.  See our Vedic Meditation Mama video below about how it has helped a busy mom.


Guest Lectures/Workshops and Special Appearances 

Special workshops can be created for businesses, non profits, school districts and families. We work one on one with CEO’s, Celebrities, Studio Executives, Yoga Studios and private citizens. These are done in person or via Skype.  Enjoy our little excerpt from Celebrity Wife Swap in 2015 below.  Contact us for details.


We offer AUDIO guided meditations


 An easy, friendly and more personal assist for those wishing to conceive whether naturally or using assisted reproductive modalities.

The usual price is $14.99 now on a limited time only for $9.99

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Improve Conception

Meditations for Conception