Vedic Meditation is so easy that anyone can learn.



San Francisco teaching August 10th-13th

Sherman Oaks teaching – August 1st-4th

Vedic Meditation Course

 Tired of listening to Apps that only give temporary relief?  Sitting at the foot of your yoga teacher on retreats, only to come home to your old stressed out, moody self?  We have the solution to your meditation struggles. You will receive in person instruction, on 4 separate occasions, leading you all the way and answering your toughest questions.  Graduating with a self sufficient technique. No religious belief, yoga positions or previous experience required to learn. This is The Gold Standard in meditation. Vedic Meditation originated thousands of years ago. It is a 20 minute, twice a day practice designed for busy folks with even busier minds. Contact us for a FREE information session or to attend our FREE group meditations on Saturdays (see calendar). Go to our courses page to find out more.

Paula teaching ABC’s CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP, George Hamilton.

 Meditation for Addiction Recovery

Meditation is a key factor to all addiction/12 step recovery programs. It has boosted sobriety rates, diminished anxiety, depression, brought more calm, peace & serenity to those that embrace the practice. We have spoken at sober conventions (CD recording of, “Meditation what the ? – An Addicts guide to meditation”,) hosted workshops, taught at treatment centers & individually.