Vedic Meditation is so easy that anyone can learn.

Blast 2016 with Meditation

We offer 3 types of learning;

Our 4 Session Vedic Meditation Course is the GOLD STANDARD OF MEDITATION most profound course offered.  Detailed in person instruction to assist with any meditation challenges we may face along the road. The Gold Standard in meditation. You deserve to have the best instructor & course to eliminate your stress in an easy and highly effective manner.  See our Vedic Meditation Mama video below about how it has helped a busy mom.


   Vedic Meditation Course in San FranciscMoon-SF.jpgo

 Feb 19th to 23rd 


Ajna Yoga Chakra Workshop Ocean Beach Yoga SF

 Saturday Feb 20th 1:30pm

The word chakra means wheel or vortex of energy.  In this workshop we will focus on the Ajna Chakra or command center.  We will explore several asanas that assist with balancing and refining the center of reality along with bija mantra chanting and a deep guided meditation with Paula Newman founder of awareness meditation.  Ideally looking to feel more connected, unified, centered and balanced.  Please join Paula and I on this radical journey to enlightenment and liberation.



We offer Meditation Mentoring sessions.

This can be done in person or via Skype.  We have worked with Celebrities in this manner.    Contact us for details.


We offer AUDIO guided meditations –

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Improve Conception

Improve Conception