Vedic Meditation is so easy that anyone can learn.

Be Free of the Fear 2014- with Vedic Meditation

Aware Meditation teaches Vedic Meditation. About Vedic Meditation – it is a systematic technique designed to assist in removing our deepest stressors – FEAR from our consciousness and allowing BLISS to flow more fully. We do not attempt to DO anything. The grace of the technique allows our mind to be charmed and consequently we find ourselves being soothed to a true place of BEING. As a result, our body can free itself of FEAR at a safe pace and allow us to hear our true voice within and have more adaptability to be present in each moment. Thus being more AWARE of all things in all times.  Vedic Meditation is so easy that anyone can learn, especially if you have a busy mind and have failed at all other meditation practices. Vedic Meditation is not a religion and requires no special beliefs or life style. Yoga is not required. We teach a self sufficient practice so that each time you use the technique on your own you receive a ,”treatment”, reducing FEAR and increasing BLISS each meditation. Ideal for individuals wanting to better handle the daily stresses of modern living, those experiencing personal challenges, families and those seeking internal peace.

Courses in the Los Angeles Area are run consistently, contact for details. Open Group meditations are held weekly. See Calendar for details.