Paula is a Graduate of 200 hour Rising Lotus Yoga TT program under the tutelage of Claire Hartley and Daniel Stewart, dealt with physical challenges and gained knowledge from senior Iyengar Therapeutic instructors –  Anna Delury, Lisa Walford, Marla Apt, so you are safe under Paula’s instruction.


Can't MeditateOvercome Stress, Anxiety, Fear & Depression – Meditation Workshop

Sunday June 5th, 2016 7pm – 8:15pm – Ocean Beach Yoga, San Francisco, CA 

Meditation has been scientifically linked to improving brain function, healing mental and physical health and reduce aging but many find it challenging to continue a regular practice. In this unprecedented workshop led by our special visiting guest meditation teacher Paula Newman (founder of Aware Meditation), we will discuss the benefits of meditation, obstacles individual’s face beginning a regular practice, implement new techniques to triumph over blocks, work with individual’s challenges and dive deep into a bliss filled meditation.  Whether you are new to a practice, have your own discipline that you wish to reboot, or are charmed to participate in melting stress away you are welcome to attend.  Some brief asanas will be incorporated during the workshop to prepare the body for a deeper meditation. Notebooks are encouraged.



Rounding is a specific series of Yoga poses followed by Pranayam (breathing) to allow for a deeper and more restful meditation. The yoga is specifically for those that practice Vedic Meditation.  The practice is taught one on one or in a workshop format.  The student is able to apply this technique into their daily meditation practice.  The Workshops last up to 3 hours and are scheduled close to the change of season, or on a requested basis. Once learned you are self sufficient in the technique for life. If you are a Vedic meditator and curious to learn please e-mail


I took the Rounding Workshop and the next day, found items I had been looking for, for months.  This is magic ~ Bong T. – IT Tech

 My first Rounding experience I came to work the next day and everything was EASY. My students were at ease, the class went by wonderfully and the administration seemed lighter. Something shifted in me for sure ~ Allissa L. – High School Teacher

I have never enjoyed such a lovely meditation as after the Rounding Workshop led by Paula ~ Jessica B – Sales Consultant







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