Vedic Meditation the simplest & effortless practice for all.

Vedic Meditation Sherman Oaks | San Francisco | Sacramento | Los Angeles | Montclair | New York

Vedic Meditation  is a 20 minute, twice a day practice designed for busy folks with even busier minds. It is non religious.


Sherman Oaks classes are on a rolling admission e-mail for details

Sacramento Course Begins Friday September 6th-Monday September 9th

San Francisco Course Begins Friday September 20th-Monday September 23rd


You wish to help others learn this practice? Our intensive non residential training program is taught over a period of 18 months to integrate with your busy schedule.

This is the only Vedic Meditation Teacher Training program which includes a community teacher support network upon graduation.

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Learn Vedic Meditation

Tired of listening to apps/practices that only give temporary relief?

Desiring an efficient, portable and simple technique free of religion and razzamatazz ?

  • Decrease Stress
  • Improve Sleep
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Boost Bliss Chemistry
  • Improve Productivity and Creativity
  • No religious belief, yoga positions or previous experience required to learn

Course will provide:

  • In person instruction, on 4 separate occasions
  • Training by Vedic Meditation Expert (6,500 + hours of training)
  • Graduate with a self sufficient technique
  • Eligibility to lifetime follow up program
  • 21 Day Meditation Challenge Admission
  • Eligibility to attend our FREE group meditations on Saturdays (see calendar)

Go to our courses page to find out more.

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 Vedic Meditation for Addiction Recovery

Meditation is a key factor to all addiction/12 step recovery programs. It has boosted sobriety rates, diminished anxiety, depression, brought more calm, peace & serenity to those that embrace the practice. We have spoken at sober conventions (CD recording of, “Meditation what the ? – An Addicts guide to meditation”,) hosted workshops, taught at treatment centers & individually.