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Challenges of Meditation


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Keep in Contact with your teacher and participate in Group Meditations

To All long time Vedic Meditators,

Those famous words I utter during your initial course, “thoughts are a part of Vedic Meditation”, seemingly futile, however, if not addressed can cause students to simply quit. Time and again students contact me declaring that, “I am having too many thoughts in my meditation, I am unable to focus”. Your only obstacle is when practicing Vedic Meditation the mind simply blames the meditation as the source of the problem when infact there is no problem. What simply is a stress being released, be it, “I am not doing this right… I have a mind to busy for this…this is not working…it doesn’t feel the same as when I learned with Paula” is personified and the meditator becomes uncomfortable, restless and often creates brain wave patterns mimicking anxiety. The reality is that meditation is permitting a space for these stressors to be released rather than squelched within our consciousness. The joy of Vedic Meditation that we have a special mantra to assist in calming down the mind via charm than demand. This assists with our anxiety over meditation. My advice – keep in contact with your teacher and don’t give up! Come to my next course even in San Francisco and be around your fellows!

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