Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation is a simple meditation technique that requires no vocal chanting, concentration, yoga positions or religious belief.  The practice requires sitting in a comfortable upright position with the spine supported and the eyes closed for 20 minutes twice a day.  I have witnessed improvement with individuals suffering from PTSD , depression, addiction, pain management, physical challenges and children.  Courses are held on an individual, class and corporate structure. They are run in a four session format, each one lasting 90 minutes. The teaching helms from Thom Knoles.  I  was  trained  to  teach  this  form  of  meditation  by  Thom  Knoles,  who  continues  to  teach  Vedic  Meditation.    Thom   Knoles  was  trained  as  a  teacher  of  Transcendental  Meditation  (“TM”)  by   Maharishi  Mahesh  Yogi  (“Maharishi”),  taught  it  for  over  25  years  with   organizations  affiliated  with  Maharishi,  and  since  1997  has  continued  to   teach  meditation  as  he  learned  it  from  Maharishi,  and  has  done  so independently  and  separately  from  the  Transcendental  Meditation   organizations.    I  am  not  affiliated  with  the  TM  organizations  or  their  current   services  or  programs.