Getting Started with learning Meditation Vedic Meditation

This is a non religious, 20 minute, twice a day practice, designed for folks with busy lives!  This is not for those wishing to dedicate hours to meditation in isolation.  We call this the householder technique. Anyone can learn to meditate regardless of age, sex, religion or race. Even if you have an extremely busy mind, you can learn Vedic meditation. This course is for people who have not studied the Vedic tradition of meditation. The course focuses on learning the technique, the effects, and what you can expect to come out of your meditation practice. By the end of the course, you will be a proficient, and self-sufficient meditator. The student then holds the responsibility of meditating 20 minutes twice a day on a regular basis to receive the maximum results.

The Basic Course

This is run over a 4 day period with each session lasting about 60-90 mins. It will help install your practice of the meditation practice. Each session we delve more deeply into the mechanics of the meditation.  First Day of Learning you will receive your special meaningless sound that will become your best friend. The second day, we will go over your experiences and talk about the logistics of meditating in a busy world. The third visit we will discuss in depth the challenges of having a busy mind and thoughts in this practice.  The last session we recap, discuss the medical studies provided that documented this technique, results we can look forward to and the follow up program. Each session involves a meditation and homework!

Course Donation/Gift for Learning – YOU decide your course fee

The gift to learn is based on the tradition of the Vedic Masters. In the Vedic Tradition students would bring gifts and work for their teacher for one week in order to demonstrate their devotion and desire to learn the meditation technique. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the tradition the course donation/gift is equal to one week’s earning. However, we will not ask you your income level, we trust that you will reflect upon what is honest for you to donate for the 7 teaching hours, 21 Day Meditation Challenge, limitless access to group meditations and lifetime self sufficient technique. Consider your circumstances and that children will learn for free after one parent/guardian has been meditating for 3 months.

General Guidelines (those who are unsure of a donation)

Earnings under $42K please contact us for sliding scale donation

Earnings over $42K – $500 donation or more

Maximum donation of $900 – if your earnings exceed this donation amount and you feel moved to donate more, please contact us to place a contribution towards our scholarship program for those in need. All gifts are final.

Kids learn for FREE!

 Children under the age of 16 can learn for free if their parent or guardian has been practicing Aware Meditation for over 3 months consistently and learned from Aware.

We encourage those who have the slightest curiosity to learn Vedic Meditation. Currently the scholarship fund has been depleted and we are now accepting gifts to build it back up.


Work Study

Those that are unable to afford the equivalent of a week’s work (unemployed or under financial strain) may offset their donation with work study hours.  These can be attained by working full 40 hours or partial donation hours to a non profit or our organization.  Those wishing to participate in this program please contact us at for specific details before learning.

How To Enroll

To begin this course, contact Take a look at our current schedule to see what’s coming up. We ask that all folks attend an information session to get to know the teacher.

21 Day Meditation Challenge and Follow Up Program

Upon finishing your course, you are invited to attend the 21 Day Vedic Meditation Challenge. This is voluntary and you have our ear to assist in your transition to integrate meditation into your daily life. Your course includes endless free group meditations which will be updated via the calendar part of the website. You will meet other students of mine and enjoy the benefits of learning how to grow with this meditation. Many students love this aspect as no other fees are included. For group meditations please go and take a look at our schedule.

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