Benefits of Meditation

My students have experienced benefits which increased  with continued practice.  Here are some responses to my teaching.  More can be found as videos on or our testimonials.

Paula, really helps us to relax”, – George Hamilton, Movie Star (ABC Celebrity Wife Swap)


“I’m really relaxed “, – Cambi Brown – Host Good Day Sacramento


I cannot recommend Aware Meditation and Paula more!!! It has changed my life completely. I have meditated for years but never got the full affect as I do now. I am more patient and I problem solve more quickly. I also find that I am allowing more into my life now that I am doing this technique. Best investment worth every penny!!”

Jackie M. – Comedy TV Writer/Comic

Paula has equipped me with an easy, intuitive, permissive tool that has helped me be able to sort through my thoughts, get more rest, and be able to let the good times roll. My business took off, I got a girl, I began sleeping more, and the problem area relationships in my life are no longer an issue. I did not know that something like Vedic meditation existed. I am very very grateful to her for what she has taught me and continues to teach me today.”

Bryan  – Web Designer

Paula is a wonderful teacher and meditation has changes my life maybe even saved it. I am more relaxed and quicker to act. I am happier, calmer more productive and I feel smarter. It might be my genes but I look a lot younger then the guys I went to High school with.  i think it could be the meditation !  it is easy to do and a so worth the time it take to do it!

Brett D – Writer/Director

Learning Vedic meditation with Paula has saved my life and changed my life beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I look forward to meditating every day and will continue with her as my teacher, I am so grateful for this technique!

Jacqueline L – Hairdresser

Simple to Learn: Vedic Meditation can be learned by anyone regardless of age, (Children can learn as early as four years old) sex, religion (It is not a religion and requires no lifestyle changes) or financial circumstances (minimum requirement).

Not Religious – NO need to fret over a conflict with your religion!  We hold no belief for this meditation practice to work.  We do have photos of our teachers up during the courses in reverence to the knowledge they passed down.