Advanced Courses

Advanced Meditation Techniques

For anyone who has an existing technique consistently for at least 12 months, it is recommended that they obtain an Advanced Technique.  In Vedic Meditation, an Advanced Technique is designed to allow the meditator to integrate that elusive, deeply charming state that we slip into in our deepest meditations, into every moment of our awakened state.  A good example of how and Advanced Technique supports us in our evolution is a car shifting from a low gear to a higher gear to gain speed.  We can get where we need to go in first gear, but it will take much longer than if we shifted to a higher gear.

An Advanced Technique may involve a student learning a more advanced version of their existing mantra, or it may involve learning a more advanced method of using the mantra they have already received.  The Advanced Technique is customized by Paula for each meditator based on their needs and state of Consciousness.


Rounding (aka Industrial Strength Meditation) is a systematic procedure derived from the Veda that’s designed to deeply purify the mind and body. This process consists of a SuptaBaddhaKonasanaspecific sequence of easy yoga poses (asanas), balancing breath work (pranayama), meditation, and horizontal rest. No prior yoga is neccessary.  Modifications are made for those with injuries. Paula is a trained yoga teacher from the Rising Lotus Yoga Studio  teacher training program in Sherman Oaks.

The simple elegance of the technique produces powerful results. Performing the proper progression with correct intention allows deep rooted stresses to release and brings the nervous system back into balance. Effortless purification of the mind and body through Rounding can quickly bring you to a greater state of happiness, clarity and peace. It’s easy to learn regardless of your physical fitness and you can incorporate this advanced practice at home for enhanced benefits. Workshop is $75. rounding is taught as part of the Exploring the Veda Course at no additional charge

Rounding Workshops

 The workshops last up to 4 hours and you receive a new technique. Once learned you are self sufficient in the technique for life. Take a look at our current schedule for more details.IMG_0370

Exploring the Veda Courses

The Veda is the ancient source of the arts and sciences of meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and Indian philosophy.” Exploring the Veda”, courses are for meditators charmed to experience a deeper understanding of Vedic wisdom beyond the initial meditation experience. There are six courses in total and each one taken in chronological order. Each course includes: 15 hours of instruction lectures, led by a Vedic Meditation Teacher in good standing, 5 sets of Vedic Rounds, in depth discussions with the Vedic Meditation Teacher hosting the course and a Power Industrial Strength Upgrade and stress release during and after each course. They are often hosted over a weekend. Each course is $650.

Prerequisite: Vedic Meditation Course

HOW DO THE  WEEKENDS WORK? The series of six seminars are taken one at a time in sequential order. If a seminar isn’t offered at a particular time it is possible to arrange home study, although retreat weekends are recommended + preferred.

The retreat weekends are organized and course material facilitated by Paula Newman. During the retreat, Paula will share deeper insight into the recordings.

Veda One – Intro to the world outside of meditation – INCLUDES FREE MEDITATION TECHNIQUE to be used outside of meditation regularly.

Veda Two – The Bridge.  The further development of learning from Veda One which prepares the student for the third segment

Veda Three – The Staking of Time – Past, Present and Future our ability to engage in time perception

Veda Four – The Love Connection – what is love really?

Veda Five and Six…well those of you who get that far, are in for a fantastic surprise.

Veda Seven – in India (price excludes travel)

Mastering the Siddhi’s Course

Ever wished to control your own destiny? Or perhaps alter your physiology via meditation? Mastering the Siddhi’s course is the most advanced technique designed for experienced meditators having completed all Veda Courses. These Sutras are designed for the highest state of consciousness to be brought into your life with a waking state almost super human. All Sutras were cognised by Patanjali. This course is for the Advanced practictioner who has completed all Veda courses and been meditating for at least one year. For details contact via e-mail;